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Dénomination : DE BOISSIER SCEA Siège social : 8 Boissier, 33230 Les Eglisottes Chalaures France.
Phone : +33 4 9291 24 02 

E-mail : Site web :
N° immatriculation 06-05-1991 RCS : Libourne D 381 774 652 

Legal representative : Mr Dominique Vacher

Director of publication

Dominique Vacher

Website’s design and conception 

Léma production

Movie’s design and conception

Léma production

Applicable law

The Site and the present legal statement are subject to French law.

Intellectual property rights covering the Site

The Site is an intellectual work protected by intellectual property law. The Site and each of its component elements (such as brands, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, video clips, etc.) are the exclusive property of CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS, which alone is authorized to make use of the related intellectual property rights and personality rights, and which does not grant any license nor any other right except for the right to visit the site.

Reproduction of any document published on the site is allowed for information purposes only, for strictly private, personal use. Any reproduction or representation of the site, whether total or partial, or of any of its component elements, on any type of support and in any form whatsoever, for other purposes, and notably for commercial use, is expressly forbidden.
All requests for authorization must be sent to the following address: CHATEAU GRAND FRANÇAIS 8 BOISSIER 33230 LES EGLISOTTES ET CHALAURE – FRANCE. Unauthorized use of any kind constitutes an infringement giving rise to penal sanctions.

Use of the site

CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS will make all efforts to keep the content of the Site up to date and to provide Users with precise information. CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS cannot, however, guarantee the exactness, precision or exhaustiveness of the data included on the Site. CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or omission concerning the data available on the Site, as well as for any damages resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of said data. Any errors or omissions should be reported to the following address: CHATEAU GRAND FRANÇAIS 8 BOISSIER 33230 LES EGLISOTTES ET CHALAURES -France .

Site access

CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS will make all efforts to keep the Site accessible, but accepts no obligation to achieve this goal. It is expressly stated that, for purposes of maintenance, updates, and any other reason, notably technical, access to the Site may be interrupted. CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences they may have for the User.


CHATEAU GRAND FRANÇAIS will not gather or process personal data on children aged under 18 without the prior consent of their parents or the persons holding parental authority over them.

If the personal data of children is gathered via the website, the mobile applications or mobile sites of LES SOURCES DE CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS, the parents or the persons holding parental authority over those children may oppose this by contacting us at the address given at the bottom of this page.

Moreover, as stated above, any person not of legal age at the moment their personal data is gathered may have that data deleted as soon as possible.

Personal data

CHATEAU GRAND FRANCAIS may need to collect personal data concerning the User (newsletter, contact, registrations,…). In compliance with Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 concerning information technologies, files and freedom, the User is hereby informed that he/she has the right to access, correct and delete his/her personal data. To exercise this right, the User must send a letter to the following address:




Lastly, unless the User makes his/her opposition known, CHATEAU GRAND FRANÇAIS may transfer data concerning him/her to its partners.

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