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5oo years of History 

The name Grand Français comes from the occupation of Aquitaine by the English in the 14th century, during which time one of my distant ancestors distinguished himself probably by asserting the rights of the French Kingdom.

The winemaking cellars are adjoining the castle, and the vineyard is on a red gravel terroir where vines have been cultivated since the 15th century.

In days gone by, the Château Grand Français was a haven of peace and serenity, surrounded by 600 hectares of vineyards and farmland. Mixing cereals and vines, Grand Français traversed the centuries. Another time, another place...


My family did everything to keep the estate. It has been handed down from generation to generation to today.


As early as 1906, Château Grand Français was singled out for  the excellent health condition of its vineyards and received the Medal of Agricultural Merit.   

Notre histoire


The conversion process to Organic Agriculture was initiated in 1999.  A healthy fruit is a necessary prerequisite, but at Grand Français it is not considered enough to make a great wine.

The strict criteria for preserving the soul of Château Grand Français are elegance combined with impeccable quality.

It is because I like to feel life in a wine, that we make it naturally.  This creation is for me an opportunity to shape and form the wine so it achieves its very best expression. This wine is my vision of life.

My team has been with me in this adventure for 25 years and their commitment remains to this day.


I pay tribute to them by perpetuating the soul of Grand Français.


It is the lifestory of a family, of men and women.


Dominique Vacher - Owner

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