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L'expression du Terroir

The produce of the Terroir

The choice of which vines to grow where on the estate, reflects the nature of the terroir, thus enhancing the best that the environment can produce. Once harvested and sorted, the grapes are then vinified by grape variety, in separate and dedicated containers. Then comes the time of assembly, an art entrusted only to expert hands.

Each parcel expresses its potential in its own way, at its own pace. Here At Grand Français we respect each of these individual expressions.


The fermentation, without the addition of yeast, takes more or less 15 days in vats. And of course, the bottling is carried out at the castle. Thus, winemaking is done in accordance with organic and traditional farming methods.

To better express its own characteristics, each vintage of Château Grand Français is kept in different ways: oak barrels for the Grande Cuvée, terracotta jars for the Cuvée N° and stainless steel vats for the Cuvée Petit Français.

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