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Organic Farming

ECOCERT commitments

Ecocert, an internationally renowned organisation, conducts unannounced field visits for audits during the year to certify compliance with organic farming rules.

Samples are also taken for laboratory analysis. The audit reports are then independently verified before products can obtain their organic certificates.


Working in the vineyard 

The surface of the vineyard is of an ideal size to control the quality of the vines in accordance with organic agriculture certified ECOCERT. After 3 years of conversion, Château Grand Français received its Organic Agriculture accreditation in 2002.

No weedkiller or chemical treatments are ever used, only products permitted for organic certification are allowed.

The harvest is done manually, each grape is chosen on the vine. A low yield for optimal quality.

Mechanical weeding, hand weeding, hoeing, manual leaf stripping...

It takes many steps to get a healthy grape.

Travail Manuel

Working with the vines

Being an organic vineyard means we work in the rows of vines every day: amongst other things we practice mechanical rather than chemical growth control, manual weeding every 10 days instead of a herbicide once per year as in conventional viticulture, etc.

Travail Quotidien

 Fruit Protection 

The spraying of kaolin core (talc) is a 100% natural process that gives protection against sunburn, and promotes absorption of residual moisture. It  is also a natural repellent against leafhoppers (parasitic insects), the white colour confusing them away from the leaves.

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