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2005 Chateau Grand Français (oak-barrel maturation)
It is a great vintage to lay down. In its beautiful, full ruby robe, this wine expresses elegant aromas of vanilla and spices; after aerating for a few moments, the nose develops notes of cooked fruits creating a great complexity. A smooth and ample attack in the mouth, with a very good length on top of an elegantly well-incorporated woodiness and a structure promising a great a long ageing potential. (62€ per case of 6 bottles)

2006 Chateau Grand Français (oak-barrel maturation)
This vintage introduces itself in a very lovely bright robe, evocative of bright youth. On the nose, notes of fresh fruits predominate. In mouth, this vintage is very well-balanced with a sustained fresh and fruity taste, the result of a good vintage. (57€ per case of 6 bottles)

2007 Chateau Grand Français (oak-barrel maturation)
The 2007 Special Selection shows a deep and bright ruby-red robe, highlighted with coppery glints. The nose develops notes of ripe fruits, predominated by morello cherry scents. This complex wine expresses elegant aromas of vanilla, distinctive of its oak-barrel maturation. In mouth, the freshness with liquorice notes is completed by ample sweetness. Over time, the harmony sought with woodiness will assert itself. (54,50€ per case of 6 bottles)

2008 Chateau Grand Français (oak-barrel maturation)
The 2008 Vintage Special Selection features a very beautiful, full ruby robe, with purple glints that are signs of its youth. The nose is full of freshness with notes of red fruits. In mouth, this freshness with notes of fruits, blackberries and blackcurrant buds, is found again enhanced by a slightly peppery aftertaste. This vintage presents excellent characteristics to develop its harmony and flavours in time, promising a great and long aging potential. (54,50€ per case of 6 bottles)

2009 “L’Héritage” from Grand Français 
The robe of this vintage is tinted of garnet, an intense and deep color. In the nose, a frank intensity of aromas of cooked fruits, candied prunes or jam of cherry immediately exhales. The aromas perception evolves then towards scents of pit, undergrowth, signs of one harmonious complexity. In mouth, this vintage appears very elegant, subtle balance of a beautiful structure with already melted and all-embracing tannins. A pleasant sweetness develops then, revealing on the finish the already perceived aromas: cooked fruits, jam of red berries. (43,50€ per case of 6 bottles)

2010 “L’Héritage” from Grand Français 
With a beautiful bold red hue with reflections of garnet, this wine expresses all its youth. To the nose, the smell of Morello cherry gives to this vintage a very pleasant and harmonious aromatic complexity. On the palate, the initial impression of sweetness is very pleasant. Then, the fusion of the aromas based on notes of glazed cherries and blackberries is revealed. The persistency of flavors is pleasurable thanks to the roundness and sweetness of the tannins, giving this wine an real aging potential. This vintage full of freshness and complexity can be enjoyed right now. (44€ per case of 6 bottles)

2011 “L’Héritage” from Grand Français 
This wine is a brilliant ruby/red cherry color, with good intensity. Evoking a powdery sensation, its aromas are initially discrete, but then make way for highly aromatic notes of fresh fruit and mild spices. Supple, frank and expressive, the palate is entirely structured by thick and mellow tannins. Its oaky characteristics remain discrete and coat the tannins with a delightful taste. This is a refined and tender wine.

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