The passion

Dominique Vacher, owner of the Château Grand Français

When fate enables you to respect the creations of ancestors, how can you not get excited by the idea of the soul of a vineyard and its wine? Time can wear away at motivation, and if a generation has left this gem sleep, I could not be part to a renouncement of the craft of our ancestors. A vineyard often commended for the way it was run, I have dedicated myself to putting this knowledge into practice.

Knowledge…. Soul…. These are the symbols that are precious to me. As a man of scientific culture, I always looked forward aesthetics in complex mechanics of life. How can we not find all these aspects in the nectar of a good wine ?Qualitatively very complex, wine is made up of millions of different molecules and its natural flora: wine is alive.

And it is precisely because there is life that I eliminated any chemical products like pesticides by choosing organic farming. And it is because I like to find life in a wine that we grow them naturally. This farming is to me an education in wine. Educated in learning good manners: full attention to every moment in order to restore the aesthetics and elegance of Grand Français. It is my outlook on life, to seek continuous improvement in techniques and desire to share my creation.

Soul, spirit and elegance are the principles sought in each vintage to make them timeless.